Tudor Homes Development, Cabinteely – Deadline For Submissions

The developers of the proposed development of 367 dwellings at Brennanstown has provided “Further Information” on their plans to Dun Laoghaire County Council.

Below are a several points that are of concern:

The developer continues to seek permission for construction works until 7:00pm Monday to Friday and also until 2:00pm on Saturdays.

The proposed pedestrian /cycle path from Lehaunstown Lane.

The additional information submitted highlights the scale of changes on Lehaunstown Lane. The developer proposes increasing the width of the pedestrian / cycle lane from the new Druids Glen Road to Lehaunstown Lane. It does not make sense why a pedestrian path should be so wide.

The removal of the hedgerows from Lehaunstown Lane is a concern and will have a significant impact on the sylvan setting of Lehaunstown. The planning scheme for Cherrywood stipulates that the hedgerow should stay intact to preserve the lane.

Tudor Homes have included renders of the proposed development including a render of the three storey house as seen from Brennanstown Avenue. This image is not to scale and does not accurately represent the impact of these houses on Brennanstown. The image drawing showed the 3 storey house to be only marginally taller than those 2 story houses that already exist in Brennanstown.

It appears that Tudor Homes and moved the planned Druids Glen Road west towards Lehaunstown Lane. Moving the road and the lack of trees and other noise damping measures will have a negative impact on Brennanstown.

The additional information submitted to dlrcc can be found via this link https://bit.ly/2TrqudY

The planning reference is DZ18A/0208

The deadline to submit observations on this additional is 5pm Monday 7th January.

No fee applies if you have previously made a submission on this application.

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