Bus Connects – Public Consultation Launched for Phase 3 Bray to City Centre via Cabinteely

The core bus corridor project aims to deliver 230kms of dedicated bus lanes and 200kms of cycle tracks along 16 of the busiest corridors in Dublin. The National Transport Authority is now commencing a public consultation in relation to these proposals.

The public consultation for the phase 3 corridors which includes the Bray to City Centre route launched on the 26th of February 2019 and will run until the 30th of April 2019.

Details of the proposals and the emerging preferred routes for the Bray to City Centre Core Bus Corridor is available in the information brochure via the link below.

Click to access busconnects-cbc13-bray-to-city-centre-180219-fa-web.pdf

Some key points about the proposed route:

One route goes from Bray to the City Centre.
This bus corridor will start at Nassau Street and go along Kildare Street to St Stephen’s Green. Then, the bus will turn onto Leeson Street.

It will continue onto Morehampton Road,
Donnybrook Road, and the Stillorgan Road. At Nutley Lane, it will meet the UCD to City Centre bus corridor.

The bus will go on the Stillorgan / Bray Road as far as the Loughlinstown Roundabout.
Then, it will go along the Dublin Road through Shankill and towards Bray.
This bus corridor ends at the Dargle River Crossing in Bray.

Now, the bus journey from Bray to the City Centre takes up to 55 minutes.

With the bus corridor, this journey will take up to 45 minutes.

TFI need to make changes along the route to

make room for the bus corridor.

For example, changing road layouts, making changes to some gardens. taking away parking spaces, taking down and replacing some trees,

The route is 13 kilometres.

There will be new cycle lanes along this route.

TFI will put in some new pathways and pedestrian crossings.
Written submissions and observations may be made by:

Or Via the Bus Connects website http://www.busconnects.ie

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