Help Save The Cabinteely Céilí.

The Cabinteely Céilí Requires URGENT HELP and SUPPORT

The Cabinteely Céilí committee is holding a public meeting on Tuesday 30th April at 7.30pm to discuss the future of the Ceilí.

The Cabinteely Céilí has become an annual cultural event in South Dublin and is always well attended by people from near and far.

The Cabinteely Céilí committee has managed this hugely popular community event for nine years.

We now need new blood and fresh ideas to ensure that the Cabinteely Céilí continues into the future. The Ceilí is at a critical point and without the support of residents and business owners the event will not continue.

The proposed date for this year’s Céilí is July 27th, let’s make it happen!

Get involved, help save the Céilí, come to the public meeting.

Tuesday April 30th, 7.30pm

Cabinteely Parish Centre, Cabinteely Village

The future of the Ceilí depends on the support and involvement of the whole community.

Please Share With Your Friends And Neighbours.

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