Planning Application For 34 Units At Brennanstown Road / Old Bray Rd – Deadline For Submissions

Update – Tuesday 28th May, Planning application has been GRANTED for 34 Units.

A revised planning application (Ref D18A/0763) has been submitted to dlrcc for 34 units at the corner of Brennanstown Road and Old Bray Road, Cabinteely Village.

The final date for receipt of observations is Monday 13 May, 2019

The proposed development as seen from Cabinteely Post Office.

Urbun on the far right and the Garda Station on the left.

Observations cannot be submitted using the usual option online. For the observation about additional information, the written observation, can be posted or hand delivered or sent by email to

If a person making an observation now has already made a payment in connection with an earlier observation, then they don’t need to pay again now, so in that situation they could send an observation by email.

If however a person making an observation now has not previously made a payment, then they will have to make a payment now. In this situation, sending an observation by email is not practical as one can’t send a payment with an email!!! It would instead have to be a letter by post with cheque attached or else a letter and cheque hand delivered to planning desk at DLR offices.

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