New Town Planned Between Shankill And Bray

The following is a series of posts on twitter by Cllr Ossian Smyth.

Planning permission has gone in for the first phase of a new town between Shankill and Bray. A lot of work has been done in the past 5 years to get to this point.

There are two pieces of land – one privately owned and one owned by the council. This application is for a portion of the private land.

The developer has applied to build 685 apartments and houses. The remainder of the private site is planned for another 717 homes. 10% of the private apartments must be offered to the council at cost for social housing.

The council aims to apply for permission for 605 homes on its own site next month. This is planned to be 100% social and affordable housing, with cost-rental and affordable purchase as part of the mix.

If permission is granted, the private site could be permitted in the Spring, and the council site in Summer 2020. Construction would start at the end of the year and complete 3 years later.

The local area plan from two years ago did not quite envisage such a large population. Those plans had a max of 1,860 homes, whereas these new plans are for 2,007.
A new DART station will be built.

Over the coming weekend, Ossian will be working through these plans in detail. You can read them yourself here:

Let Ossian know if you have any thoughts.

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