Tully Church & The OPW

We have just received this message from Jennifer Carroll MacNeill TD regarding Tully Church.

“Hi, just a quick note in relation to an Irish Times article posted on August 3rd re. responsibility for Tully Church. I discussed this with my colleague Councillor Jim Gildea about this and wrote to Minister O’Donovan to find out more.

I have been informed that, in spite of recent media reports, the Office of Public Works remains responsible for the care and maintenance of Tully Church and the nearby historic structures. The OPW has been involved in discussions for some time with the relevant authorities at Cherrywood (as well as the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht) as to how best protect these Monuments, in particular from development pressure in the area.

These discussions have, in particular, centred on the specific objectives of the Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone Planning Scheme in relation to Heritage (see https://www.dlrcoco.ie/sites/default/files/atoms/files/chapter3_0.pdf ) and the need to create a protective undeveloped area around the historic structures to ensure that both they, and their surrounding setting, are protected from any proposed building development.

The OPW informs me it is not responsible for heritage protection more generally, and confusion has arisen in that respect, its remit only extends specifically to those sites in its direct care, which includes Tully Church. I hope this clarifies the matter and if anyone has any further questions or concerns, I’m happy to raise them with Minister O’Donovan. Please feel free to share with anyone who had concerns. Thanks, Jennifer”

If anyone would like to contact Jennifer on this matter, her email is jennifer.carrollmacneill@oir.ie