Cabinteely History – Cabinteely Parish

Cabinteely was a place name which first came into use in the second half of the seventeenth century and which probably evolved from the name of a popular tavern or pub which was known as Caban tSile or Sheila’s Cabin.

On the 10th October 1836, Archbishop Murray opened the present church in Cabinteely Village. This church (which replaced the old eighteenth century chapel) – dedicated to Saint Brigid – reflected the historical context in which it was constructed i.e. a church struggling to re-assert itself soon after Catholic Emancipation in 1829 following centuries of suppression. At this time Cabinteely was part of Kingstown (modern day Dun Laoghaire) Parish. On a number of occasions in the second half of the nineteenth century Cabinteely was affiliated to different parishes e.g. in 1870 Cardinal Cullen placed Cabinteely under the jurisdiction of Ballybrack.

In 1917 a Father Ryan of Booterstown was appointed Parish Priest. He chose, however, to live in Foxrock where he built a temporary tin church for local residents. Subsequently in 1934, he built the present Foxrock Church. He was made Canon and continued to live in Foxrock, leaving a curate in the parochial house in Cabinteely. The parish was then known as Cabinteely/Foxrock.

In 1971 Foxrock was designated a parish in its own right independent of Cabinteely. Three years later a new parish was established in Johnstown/Killiney

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