Govt Announce €40.4m Funding For Infrastructure Projects At Cherrywood

Cherrywood Public Access, Permeability and Amenity (Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council) – €40.4 million

Cherrywood Town Centre

This project consists of transport and public realm projects. It aims to create a safe, friendly environment where people can live, work and play with the benefits of sustainable, integrated transport. It aims to transform the area and create a compact, mixed-use and rail-based community, underpinned by the principles of quality urban design and development, and place-making. This project, when delivered, will cohere with the infrastructure investment already in place and with the Cherrywood project approved under Call l’.

The infrastructure being provided under Call 2″ consists of the following:

• Castle Street Link – completion of Cherrywood’s bus priority route to connect it to the existing Park & Ride facility at Carrickmines Luas stop.

• Ticknick Park – Ballycorus Access – development of cycle, pedestrian and vehicle access to Ticknick Park. • Town Centre Pedestrian & Cycle Link – development of an elevated pedestrian and cycle bridge within the Cherrywood Town Centre.

• 3 Public Parks – creation of centrally located, multi functional spaces providing a focal area for each of the associated village communities.

• Smart Parking Study – research and application of measures to create efficiencies in Cherrywood’s required parking provision

• Beckett Link (& Barrington Rd Connection)

development of pedestrian, cycle and vehicle link from the Kilternan Link to the Cherrywood Town Centre, to include the uncompleted portion of Barrington’s Road.

Internal and External Pedestrian and Cyclist Desire Lines and Employment and Commercial Trip Generation

Support Cabinteely Life

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