Support The Zoning Of Clonkeen Pitches

Please support the zoning of The Clonkeen Pitches. Developers are trying to bypass any consultation.


As you are aware the former playing pitches at Clonkeen College were sold to a developer who we now know, has plans for 389 apartments and a creche on the site. The planning application is being processed under the infamous ‘fast track SHD (Strategie Housing Development process – process that largely takes place behind closed doors until the planning is formally lodged which we expect any day now

We are continuing to work on all avenues open to us to ensure that this development does not impact our community negatively, including our wildlife and biodiversity

Concurrently Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council is mid way through finalising the County Development Plan which will come into effect in 2022 for a period of six years. Under this new plan the council is suggesting changing the zoning on the land at Clonkeen (which is currently zoned ‘residential) to SDI ‘sustainable neighbourhood infrastructure. This designates the lands for buildings “related to serving the needs of the local wider community for social, educational. health, religious, recreational and leisure, cultural and civic needs. The objective of this designation is to protect improve and encourage the provision of sustainable neighbourhood infrastructure

In consultation with our planning consultants, we believe this to be an advantageous new zoning. and if the developer fails in an upcoming application, he will be forced to have due regard to this new zoning class. It is very likely that the developer will object to it and so therefore it is important that our community signals very clearly to DLR Co Council that we support the new proposed zoning, SNI. This can be done very easily online through the council’s website On the home page click the to “Draft County Development Plan 2022-2028”, then “Have your Say” then “Online Submission. If you cannot make your submission online you can also do so in writing to Senior Executive Officer, Planning Department, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, County Hall, Marine Road, Dún Laoghaire. There is no cost to making a submission

Your submission merely needs to state that you fully support the re-zoning of the land at Clonkeen College to the new designation of SNI and that you request that residential is neither permitted in principle nor open for consideration because as stated in the draft Deveoplment Plan, there is already an excess of residential zoned land within the County. Make sure to sign and date your document too.

Your submission must be received by the 16th of April.

There is no charge to make this submission

If you have any queries in this regard please get in touch with us through our Facebook Monaloe Longmeadow page or by emailing us at manaloelongmeadow

Once again – thank you for your support to date.

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