‘Summer Streets’ Outdoor Dining Coming To Cabinteely Village

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have announced dlr’s “Summer Streets” initiative which aims to provide safe, welcoming, and people-friendly public spaces in our towns and villages and bring life, food, and energy to the County’s streets this summer.

This will involve, among other things, the reallocation of existing car parking spaces, and this will help the Council provide attractive, safe spaces for cafés, restaurants and pubs, allowing diners to enjoy the food offerings of our hospitality businesses in comfortable surroundings throughout the summer and beyond.

Working in partnership with businesses and communities in our towns and villages, Summer Streets will allow people to move around in safety and comfort and allow diners to enjoy the outdoor dining experience, help hospitality businesses re-establish in, what dlrcc hope will be, improving times and deliver an enhanced vibrancy to our streets.

Actively enticing people back into the heart of our villages and towns will bring additional benefit to all retail businesses as well as hospitality.

Building on previous interventions in Blackrock, Dundrum, Sandycove, Glasthule, and Dalkey, the first area for this initiative will be Summer Streets: Cabinteely. The layout and 3D visuals in the gallery below give a flavour of how the village will be transformed under the scheme.

In preparing the proposal for Cabinteely, the Council has worked in close collaboration with the businesses in the village.

Works in Cabinteely Village and at other locations in the County will commence in the coming days, with the aim to have works completed for the start of outdoor dining on June 7th.

The Council will be carrying out the necessary works to essentially temporarily build out and infill the car parking spaces, making safe with the boundary of the road carriageway, finishing the surface level with the adjoining footpath and providing screening through the use of planters.  The finished space will then be handed over to the businesses who will then be able to put out their own street furniture, awnings or canopies.  Businesses will be allowed use the space subject to the terms and conditions of an outdoor furniture licence, which includes ensuring that footpaths are kept clear of obstructions and don’t impede the safe movement of pedestrians or people with mobility challenges.

For Cabinteely Village, two pocket spaces with public seating will also be provided and it will be necessary to relocate a disabled parking space a short distance to facilitate the changes and the relocated disabled parking space will be made fully accessible. Existing loading and delivery spaces within the Village will be retained. The existing traffic layout within the village will remain unaffected although some minor traffic calming interventions will be integrated for safety purposes.

More details of the “Summer Streets” initiative can be found here

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