Golf Lane SHD Judicial Review Fundraiser

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Golf Lane SHD

An Bord Pleanala have granted planning permission for a 22 Storey, Multi (seven) block residential development comprising 482 apartments on a site which backs onto the beautiful leafy Golf Lane in Carrickmines. This has been hurried through the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process by An Bord Pleanala.

Following consultation with an experienced legal team, paid for by local residents they have advised that we have solid legal grounds and a great chance of overturning this decision if we appeal this through a High Court Judicial Review – this is the only option open to us. It’s an expensive one – and we need the local community to pull together to help contribute to the costs.

We only have ONE shot at stopping this development going ahead so we need to raise the remaining sum of €40,000 to cover our legal costs. As a community we refuse to be steamrolled by large external investment banks and non tax paying special interest funds building unaffordable, buy-to-let, profit-driven monstrosities like this one – masquerading as a ‘solution to our housing crisis’.

Why we will win:

– The development will be highly overbearing to surrounding areas and constitutes an overdevelopment of the site
– – The proposed height is contrary to the Ballyogan and Environs Local Area Plan and the Building Height Guidelines as well as the County Development Plan
– The site fails to be at the scale of the relevant city/town and would therefore be contrary to the zoning objectives of the subject site
– – This development does not align with and support the objectives and policies of the National Planning Framework
– Will negatively impact the local wildlife and impact the biodiversity that exists in the area
– – Judicial Reviews against SHD developments have a very high success rate and we have solid legal grounds

Why you should support us:

– If we win you will get a refund of 80% of what you contribute and be part of the success
– – This eyesore will obscure the landscape and will be viewed for miles around South County Dublin
– The proposed pedestrian crossing will cripple traffic on Junction 15, have a broader negative traffic impact on the M50 and Glenamuck Road South and reduce access to Carrickmines Retail Park
– – It will have a highly negative impact on transport and infrastructure in the wider area particularly in light of the developments in Cherrywood and Carrickmines Retail Park
– Could negatively impact access to the Carrickmines Golf Club for up to two years
If the planning permission on this 22 storey tower is allowed to go through unchallenged against the interests of our community, it sets a dangerous precedent – other developments around South Dublin will be targets for this level of ill considered overdevelopment. However, if we win this Judicial Review, it will also set a precedent – that the needs of our community are important and must be considered. DLR CoCo are in unison across the board against this development

We are raising this amount to cover our legal costs. This is not a small sum, but spread across our whole community it can be done, so lean in and be part our team. Anything you contribute will be immensely helpful to this just cause.

Let’s come together as a community………for the sake of our community

Golf Lane SHD Judicial REVIEW Fundraiser

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