Planning Development On The Green Space Beside St. Brigid’s Girls School / The Park Shopping Centre (Deadline 30th August)

The Park Residents Association have asked us to share this information on the proposed planning development on the green space beside St. Brigid’s Girls School / The Park Shopping Centre in The Park, Cabinteely. Planning application (D21A/0682) submitted on 27th July. 

Park Shopping Centre Car Park

The Structure:
There will be 2 buildings, both 2 storeys at the higher end and 3 storeys at the lower end, with an underground carpark below.
The buildings will house a total of 25 apartments – 8 x 1-bedroom & 17 x 2-bedroom
The carpark entrance will be via the carpark in front of the shops, and it will have 25 carparking spaces (including parent & child spaces) plus 25 bicycle spaces, with 4 set-down spaces at the Park Drive end of the building.
The building closest to Park Drive will start 14m back from the roadside, access to the school will be allowed towards the top of the site and there will be a footpath from Park Drive down to the shops between the buildings and the carpark.

Street View from West towards Block 1 main entrance

What it will be used for:
The proposed use outlined in the document is for Assisted/ Independent Living for the aged or people with disabilities – the aspiration is that the buildings would be sold to a housing body such as Irish Wheelchair Association and would be managed/ apartments allocated by the buyer(s).
However, it was clear in the meeting with Park Development that there is nothing yet agreed or guaranteed in relation to this. It was also clear that while there may be initial constraints over what type of tenants could be allocated an apartment here, longer term this could potentially change.
Tenants may include people/families on the housing list who need disabled access, and this would form an alternative for the council, rather than renovating houses to provide suitable facilities.
In Summary, the use of the buildings is unclear.

The Construction:
Park Development intend to submit their Planning Application in mid July and expect to start construction 6-12 months later (allowing for An Bord Pleanala if required)
Planning permission normally allows for work from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.
They have discussed with the school that some measures may be needed in regard to safety (re large deliveries) at drop off & pickup times / disruption for the school, and there was mention of potential for some ‘out of hours’ activity
Parking for building workers could potentially be provided on a site they have in Carrickmines with workers ferried down – the practicality of this is questionable & also may only apply to their own employees, not sub-contractors

Construction is expected to take up to 18 months.

You can find the Application details here 

Details on how to submit an objection can be found here on the council website –

You may submit an objection Online or in writing (posted or delivered to council offices). 
In particular, please note:
Submissions/observations must be accompanied by a fee of €20.00 which can be payable by cheque / postal order / laser / credit card.
 •Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
 •No cash to be included in postal objections.
 •If no fee is attached to the submission/observation it will not be considered and shall be returned as invalid.
 •Any submission/observation received shall state the name of the person or body making the submission/observation, indicate the address to which any correspondence relating to the application may be sent and include the reference number of the application concerned.
 •In the case of a submission/observation with multiple signatories, an acknowledgement will be sent to one signatory only, the address of which should be indicated on the submission/observation.
 •Persons who made a submission or observation on a planning application will only be notified of the receipt of Further Information or Clarification of Further Information, where that Further Information or Clarification of Further Information is considered significant and requires new public notices.  Further Submissions from existing objectors can only be accepted following the receipt of significant Further Information.  There is no legal provision to accept submissions / objections when Further Information is not significant.

We have a template below for an objection letter, which you may use (if you wish) to submit your concerns – you may include similar concerns to those outlined in the Residents Association objection, but you should use your own wording / particular viewpoint.

Observations must be submitted by August 30th

The Park Residents Association can be contacted by email –