Planning Application Lodged For 463 Apartments At Brewery Rd & Leopardstown Rd

Homeland Silverpines Limited, intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for planning permission for a strategic housing development at a site of approx. 2.74 ha at ‘Saint Joseph’s House’ and adjoining properties at
Brewery Road and Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

The site consists of (1) ‘Saint Joseph’s House’, Brewery Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin (A94 Y7F4); (2) ‘Madona
House’, Silverpines, Stillorgan, Blackrock, Co. Dublin (A94 Y230); and (3) Properties at ‘Woodleigh’ (D18 F3F4),
‘Cloonagh’ (D18 P5P9), ‘Souk El Raab’ (D18 Y6C5), ‘Wellbrook’ (D18 H0C6), ‘Calador’ (D18 W1Y2), ‘Alhambra’
(D18 E3C4), ‘Dalwhinnie’ (D18 P2P4), ‘Annaghkeen’ (D18 Y2W1) and ‘The Crossing’ (D18 W8 W2); all located at Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

The development will consist of a new residential and mixed use scheme to include apartments, residential amenity space, a café and a childcare facility. A detailed description is now set out as follows:
The proposal provides for the demolition of 10 no. properties and associated outbuildings at ‘Madona House’
(single storey), ‘Woodleigh’ (2 storeys), ‘Cloonagh’ (2 storeys), ‘Souk El Raab (2 storeys), ‘Wellbrook’ (2 storeys), ‘Calador’ (2 storeys), ‘Alhambra’ (2 storeys), ‘Dalwhinnie’ (2 storeys), ‘Annaghkeen’ (1-2 storeys) and
‘The Crossing’ (single storey) (combined demolition approx. 2,291.3 sq m GFA).

The new development will provide for (a) the refurbishment, internal separation and material change of use of Saint Joseph’s House (a Protected Structure, RPS No. 1548) from former residential care facility to residential use and a childcare facility; and (b) the construction of a new build element to provide for an
overall total of 463 no. residential units, residential amenity space and a café.

The overall development proposal shall provide for the following:
• Block A (5 storeys) comprising 49 no. apartments (13 no. 1 bed units, 33 no. 2 bed units and 3 no. 3
bed units);
• Block B (4 – 7 storeys) comprising 88 no. apartments (28 no. 1 bed units, 57 no. 2 bed units and 3 no.
3 bed units);
• Block C (5 – 7 storeys) comprising 115 no. apartments (26 no. studio units, 26 no. 1 bed units and 57
no. 2 bed units and 6 no. 3 bed units);
• Block D (5 – 10 storeys) comprising 157 no. apartments (36 no. studio unit, 40 no. 1 bed units and 81
no. 2 bed units), residential amenity areas of approx. 636 sq m and a café of approx. 49 sq m;
• Block E (Saint Joseph’s House) (2 storeys) comprising 9 no. apartments (8 no. 2 bed units and 1 no. 3 bed units) and a childcare facility of 282 sq m with associated outdoor play areas of approx. 130 sqm;
• Block F (3 – 6 storeys) comprising 45 no. apartments (23 no. studio units, 10 no. 1 bed units; and 12 no. 2 bed units);
Each new build residential unit (in Blocks A, B, C, D and F) has an associated area of private open space in the form of a terrace/balcony. Open Space proposals for Saint Joseph’s House (Block E) include a mixture of private terrace/balcony areas and communal open space areas.
The extent of works proposed to Saint Joseph’s House (a Protected Structure) include:

• The demolition of a single storey office, conservatory, glazed link, external store, external enclosed
• escape stairs with associated canopies, toilet extension and 3 no. associated outbuildings to the west
• of Saint Joseph’s House (demolition total approx. 173.4 sq m GFA);
• • The removal of external steel gates, all external steel escape stairs, canopies, existing disabled
access ramps, concrete steps, an external wall and associated roof area;
• Relocation of external granite steps and the provision of a new raised entrance terrace, concrete
• steps and ramp areas;
• • Replacement of existing rooflights, the addition of roof lights, part new roof / new zinc roof, new
external wall and roof to the east of the structure;
• The provision of new door and window openings;
• • Modifications to internal layout including the removal of walls and partitions and the addition of new dividing walls.

The Residential Amenity Areas of approx. 636 sq m proposed in Block D comprise a residential club house/multi purpose room, library/reading room, lounge area, concierge area, office area, post room, fitness club, all at ground floor level of Block D. A terrace lounge area is proposed at fifth floor level of Block D. 2 no.
roof garden areas are also proposed at fifth floor level of Blocks C and D (approx. 400 sq m and 408 sq m respectively).
Open Space (approx. 9,885 sq m) is proposed in the form of (a) public open space areas (approx. 6,680 sqm) which include a public plaza/court area, a main area of public open space (including a play area and outdoor gym area) and woodland trail; and (b) all communal open space areas (approx. 3,205 sq m) which
include areas adjacent to Saint Joseph’s House (Block E), Block D and Block F, a courtyard and play area located between Blocks A and B and roof terraces at fifth floor level of Blocks C and D.

Visual amenity open space areas (approx. 1,000 sq m) are also proposed at various locations throughout the development.
Basement Level (approx. 9,445 sq m) is proposed with residential access from Blocks A, B, C, D and F. Bin storage areas, water storage areas, and part attenuation are located at this level. 2 no. ESB Substations, 1 no. ESB Kiosk, 2 no. Switch Rooms, waste storage areas for Block E (Saint Joseph’s House) and bicycle storage
areas are proposed at surface level.
A total of 259 no. car parking spaces (232 no. at basement level and 27 no. at surface level) are proposed. At basement level, a total of 30 no. electric vehicles and 202 no. standard parking spaces are provided for. A total of 968 no. bicycle spaces (816 no. at basement level and 152 no. at surface level), dedicated cycle lift and 10 no. motorcycle spaces (all at basement level) are also proposed.

Proposals for vehicular access comprise 1 no. existing vehicular access point via Silver Pines (an existing all movement junction onto Brewery Road) and 1 no. new vehicular access point at the general location of ‘Annaghkeen’ at Leopardstown Road (a new Left In / Left Out junction arrangement). The new access point along Leopardstown Road will replace 9 no. existing access points at ‘Woodleigh’, ‘Cloonagh’, ‘Souk El Raab’, ‘Wellbrook’, ‘Calador’, ‘Alhambra’, ‘Dalwhinnie’, ‘Annaghkeen’ and ‘The Crossing’. The internal permeability proposed will provide linkages for pedestrians and cyclists to Leopardstown Road and adjoining Greenway.
Proposals also provide for the relocation of an existing bus stop along Leopardstown Road.
The associated site and infrastructural works include provision for water services; foul and surface water drainage and connections; waste water pumping station; attenuation proposals; permeable paving; alllandscaping works including tree protection, tree removal and new tree planting; green roofs; boundary treatment; internal roads and footpaths; and electrical services.

Further details of the application can be found on the St. Joseph’s House and Adjoining Properties SHD website

An Bord Pleanála Website

Case is due to be decided by 28/01/2022